New Skills

All of the original skills in the Player’s Handbook are compatible with this campaign, and are used by Middle-Earth characters. In addition, there are new skills added into the mix. Each of the skills below can be chosen as a class skill by any class:

Your Intelligence (Battle) skill measures your ability to assess a battlefield, put tactics into action, and overall coordinate troops and large groups of people. Make an Intelligence (Battle) ability check when you want to find an advantage in an enemy army’s deployment, recognize an ambush, estimate the skill level or class of a foe, or find the weakness in an individual or group.

Your Intelligence (Crafting) skill indicates your proficiency with smithing, architecture, sculpture, or any form of creative art. Make an Intelligence (Crafting) ability check when you want to create an item or piece of art, judge the value or quality of a crafted piece, or deduce the creator of it.

Your Charisma (Culture) skill illustrates your grasp of social etiquette, regional customs, and local history. Make a Charisma (Culture) ability check when you want to arrange a cultural event such as a party or dinner, recognize a high-ranking individual, or appeal to a rival’s sense of honor.

New Skills

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